Looking for a Case Manager?

3HUB offers referrers the opportunity to access a wide network of highly experienced, specialist, independent case managers, nationwide through a single point of referral to efficiently source the right match for your client's needs.

As a referrer, you will find the majority of hugely experienced case managers choose to go on to work independently but you may be reluctant to refer as they seem to have little support around them. What happens if they can no longer work and have no one to handover to?

3HUB allows referrers to access this valuable resource for your client, whilst secure in the knowledge that there will be consistency in the delivery of case management, even if the case manager is working independently. The network of support means that 3HUB community case managers share their expertise, resources and wealth of experience to help your client access the care and rehabilitation they need to make a difference to their lives.

All the case managers within the 3HUB community have a minimum of 5 year post qualifying experience, maintain membership of their professional bodies and a case management association to ensure professional standards and best practice guidelines are upheld.

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