COVID-19 Statement

COVID-19 Statement

Since the announcement of lock downs due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the 3HUB community has worked hard to ensure that all case management services continue to be delivered safely and effectively for clients.

All 3HUB case managers’ clients have appropriate risk management and support plans in place (which are regularly reviewed and updated to reflect current advice and client need) to ensure they are kept safe in the present climate.

3HUB case managers continue to provide support and supervision in relation to COVID-19 and the associated risks to their care and support staff (where in place) to ensure they are able to provide the care required by the clients whilst ensuring their own wellbeing in the client’s home.

All 3HUB community members and business support staff work remotely from their own homes.  Where face to face community events are planned, 3HUB attendees are encouraged to carry out an LFD test before attending.

3HUB closely monitors the government and regulatory advice on the COVID-19 situation and updates community policy and procedures accordingly for the 3HUB community case managers to utilise.

Where home and face-to-face visits are not possible, 3HUB case managers can work remotely using video conferencing.