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3HUB offers referrers direct access to a wide selection of highly experienced, specialist, independent, clinically led case managers who work at competitive rates across the whole of the UK and internationally.

All 3HUB case managers have a thorough understanding of the litigation process and offer a bespoke service for your client.

Search for a case manager by using our “Find a Case Manager” page or contact us to discuss your requirements in more detail.

Why use 3HUB?

It is our experience that the majority of highly experienced case managers choose to go on to work independently but you may be reluctant to refer as they seem to have little support around them.  What happens if they can no longer work due to sudden illness and have no one to handover to?  The 3HUB community model provides the answer.

3HUB allows referrers to access high quality case management, secure in the knowledge that there will be consistency in the delivery of service, even when the case manager is working independently.

The dynamic network of support means that 3HUB community case managers share their expertise, resources and wealth of experience to help your client access the care and rehabilitation they need to make a difference to their lives.

Experience & Expertise

All the case managers within the 3HUB community are regulated healthcare professionals and have a minimum of 5 years post qualifying experience, maintain membership of their professional bodies and a case management association to ensure professional standards and best practice guidelines are upheld.

Governance & CQC

All of our processes are CQC compliant.  The 3HUB Community have pooled their expertise to produce clinical templates, policies and processes that comply with the requirements of CQC and best practice.

We have implemented rigorous governance structures, to reflect the unique role of the case manager and to ensure community members remain professionally supported through regular peer governance group meetings.

We offer bespoke support to those case managers who are registering with CQC for the first time.

We support our members to become accredited with all the major trauma pathway organisations throughout the UK.

You are in control

From referral to selection of your case manager you have full access to the case managers’ CVs and can communicate directly with them. There are no company gatekeepers – which gives you and your client total choice to find the right match for their needs.

3HUB do not ‘own’ the client and so the relationship between case manager and client can continue for as long as all parties are happy to do so.

The next step

3HUB community members will aim to:

  • Complete the Initial Needs Assessment (INA) client visit within 7 working days.
  • Complete the INA report within 10 working days of the initial INA client visit.

So if you are looking for a case manager then use our ‘Find a Case Manager’ search facility or Contact Us to discuss your requirements.

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